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The Filipino nation from all across the world mourns the passing of a wonderful and truly charismatic leader. Everybody born before 1980 knows her. She led this country out from the darkness and oppression of a malevolent regime to restore democracy and freedom to Filipinos desperately longing for it. She became the light that most Filipino carried as they emerge from the long and dark tunnel of dictatorship and lost liberties. She was a symbol, a beacon for all that is honorable and upright. She was, plainly, Tita Cory – the 11th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Corazon C. Aquino was sworn in as Chief Executive under tumultuous circumstances. Many thought she would not last long and would miserably fail as President. But, she was brave, gritty and dedicated to the welfare of the Filipino people. She was no push over. I think she delighted in proving her critics wrong in the end.

She was the best person who could have led this country in that point of our national history. Her greatest legacy, in my opinion, is the peaceful transition of power pursuant to the provisions of the 1987 Constitution. She made sure that democracy is here to stay in the country. Because of her, the Filipinos will never allow another dictatorship. Because of her, Filipinos will be fighters and defenders of democracy. And because of her, the Filipinos will exercise many freedoms that some of our Asian neighbors never get to experience in their lifetime.

Her battle with colon cancer did not diminish her stature in whatsoever way. In fact, it taught me to be brave in the face of insurmountable odds. No one dreams of fighting a debilitating disease. Despite her disease, she was always smiling and very gracious to everyone. Isn’t that courage under fire?

Tita Cory taught me to be grateful. Though, she was in pain in the last few months of her life, she was certainly grateful for having the love and support of her children, grandchildren, friends and well wishers. She was grateful that someone was taking care of her, praying for her and thinking good thoughts about her, as opposed to the people who suffer and die alone without the love, prayers and support of even their closest relatives. She lived an extraordinary life and no disease will ever diminish what she had accomplished.

In the future, someone will write a biography about Her Excellency Corazon C. Aquino. (If such a book has been written, I will get a copy immediately.) I think that will be a bestseller. I think so because most of us would want something to have physically that will let us remember how good and how important a human being she was for the Filipinos and for the entire world as well.

I shed no tear for you Madame President because you lived a full life. Your contributions to nation building and democracy are the envy of our current leaders and pseudo leaders. You are truly a servant of Christ. You will be forever an inspiration to those who wish to lead this country in the future.

Farewell Tita Cory. You will be missed but you will never be forgotten. Your values and what you stand for will always remain in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people, who you truly loved and cherished. I salute you Madame President. God speed.

4 thoughts on “My Personal Thoughts

  1. Hearing the homily of Fr. Arevalo, SJ this morning drove me finally to tears. It was a great homily and a moving recollection of the humanity of Tita Cory.

    I was a relieved and happy that I cried. I thought I was incapable of crying for a Filipino icon, a leader of such high stature. She will be missed.

    Farewell Mademe President! Your service to your beloved Filipino people is done. You will reap your reward in heaven in the company of our Lord and your husband Ninoy.

  2. Hi Atty .

    Happy New year po …I’m trying to find your email but was unable to …
    I apologize if I have put my question in the wrong column but was hoping you could help me.

    Im currently living in New Zealand and have migrated 3 years ago…I left a property at Laguna Bel-air 3 and IS ONLY A LOT Property.

    I already have the Transfer Certificate of Title under my name and my wife.

    The Home Owners Assocation of Laguna Belair is kept on sending me association dues which I replied back that I only have a lot in the area and have no intent of building a house as the lot is already on-Sale. The first and only letter came only this year and requiring me to pay unsettled association dues since 2007

    As I already have my Transfer Certificate of Title . I looked back in the past documents and found the following . I would like to know if I have the right to refuse payment as I only have bought a lot and no intent of building a house…Also …I would like to know if I can just ignore these letters coming in to my parents house…I already send an email response telling the association that I am not returrning to the Philippines and has since put the lot for sale and also explained that I have no house put on my lot so I am also not benefitting from it.

    These is what I have found out from my documents:

    1. As per Deed of Absolute Sale ….( signed by me )
    Clause in Compliance with the Deed of Restrictions for the Project…

    2. As per Deed of Restrictions ( not signed by any parties at all )
    The association is authorized to collect monthly dues from its members, which will constitute as a lien on the property , but subordinates to liens of the govt for taxes and voluntary motgages entered into good faith.

    3. As per Buyer’s acceptance ( which I have signed )
    …I / we agree that all taxes , fees , and charges due or will be due on the property described herein shall be for our account.

    4 . As per Conterct to Buy and Sell ( during the time that I was paying amortization before Transfer of Certificate )

    …HomeOwners Association …BUYER hereby binds himself to be a member in good standing thereof and to comply with all the rules and regulations as the association may promulgate from time to time.

    I hope you can please assist me to determine if I can still refuse paying the association dues as Im only a Lot owner and also ramifications if I don’t pay .

    Thank and Best Wishes,


    email :

  3. kit_del

    we have the same problem, i have also a two lot (lot only) situated at LBA 3. i recieve also a letter from them about my dues..i email, fax them about this issue..i told them my property is only a lot. since that its only a lot..dapat iba ang bayad natin,,dahil dpa naman nakikinabang sa mga services nila. aside from security..but i dont receive any replyfrom them…nagbayad nlang ako with discount kesa mawala ang investment natin…we rather question them in person pag uwi sa pinas…

  4. Hi Jibreel,

    Same din problem ko. gusto ko sana malaman magkano per lot at magkano pag house and lot. Saka magkano din discount na pwede hingin?

    Thanks a lot!


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