Can a Homeowner-Member Refuse to Pay Monthly Dues Because of Poor Service?

There is no provision in Rep. Act No. 9904 and IRR that legally permits or allows a homeowner-member to stop and withhold payment of monthly dues in response to the failings of the HOA Officers and their agents or representatives.

Can You Refuse Paying HOA Dues Left Unpaid by the Previous Owner?

“A person’s enjoyment of ownership may be restricted and limited if to do so the welfare of the community is promoted and attained.” – Mr. Justice Gutierrez, Jr., Bel Air Village Association, Inc. V. Dionisio, 174 SCRA 589 By Realttorney After buying a house and lot inside a subdivision, can the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) mandateContinue reading “Can You Refuse Paying HOA Dues Left Unpaid by the Previous Owner?”

RA 9904 Can Now Be Fully Implemented

I posted this announcement in my website last October 2011. But, I forgot to post it here. The HLURB approved last June 24, 2011 the IMPLEMENTING RULES & REGULATIONS of Republic Act No. 9904, otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Homeowners and Homeowners Association.” For a copy, click on the link above. To read other articlesContinue reading “RA 9904 Can Now Be Fully Implemented”