Hi Everyone,

I invite you to check out my very own website at

It’s where I publish my latest posts. However, it is still under construction to improve its contents and look. I hope you like it. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks. 

Published by Atty. Jojo

A loving husband and devoted father; a gentleman farmer; a licensed real estate broker; a real estate & estate planning attorney; and a practicing Catholic.

2 thoughts on “MY NEW WEBSITE

  1. Hi Atty. Jojo!

    May i pls clarify the ffg:
    Has this law been published already (Magna Carta for Homeowners…) If yes
    when and where?.
    Is there a revised IRR already? Was it also published already… when and where?

    1. Hi Ms. Glo,

      RA 9904 was published last year. The copy of the IRR was approved and promulgated only last June 2007. Kindly visit the article I posted in this blog and you can click on the link so you can download a copy of the IRR for RA 9904.

      Have a blessed day.

      Atty. Jojo

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